For eight years I maintained my own brand across social media as a self-employed model in Northern Ireland.

Managing my own online social media presence gave me a deep understanding of what it takes to maintain and strengthen the relationship between a brand and its audience. And my experiences in fashion and advertising taught me how to make an immediate and lasting impression. 

I understand the need for your brand to be managed in ways that will set you apart from competitors. I understand your need for solid and reliable performance around the clock when you are trusting somebody with your brand. And I also understand that, even if you need my help to accomplish these goals, you want your online presence and message always to feel very much yours and personal to you. My goal is always to infuse a brand’s social media message with my own energy, and by doing so to create a more consistent and impactful social media presence that feels authentic and genuine.

Now, living in the US, and having recently spent an incredible period of time working for entrepreneur and philanthropist Marie Forleo, I'm so excited to help other business owners take control of their social media and take back their time.