What Everyone Asks Me About Being A Social Media Assistant

What does a Social Media Assistant actually do?


Right off the bat, let me share the kinds of tasks a Social Media Assistant will be able to take care of for you:

  • Identifying which social media platforms are most relevant to your business and regularly maintaining your accounts
  • Drafting and scheduling posts on all your social media platforms
  • Co-ordinating posts across all platforms to ensure everything feels consistent, clean, and streamlined
  • Finding and creating images, links, and quotes to share
  • Effectively repurposing your previous content
  • Providing a weekly planner detailing pre-determined times and content of all your upcoming social media posts
  • Managing video content, including uploading to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and/or your website, as well as creating custom video thumbnails, entering and updating custom video titles, descriptions, tags, annotations, info cards and top comments

Of course, this varies depending on the needs of your business, and a good social media assistant will be able to work on an agreement that suits you.


Why should I hire one?


Since being a creative entrepreneur requires an unspeakable amount of work and energy, you’ll know that staying on top of all the necessary functions of running a business is a task

While you understand that maintaining a consistent social media presence is crucial for growth and staying connected with your audience, if you’ve already spent many hours trying to master this yourself, you know how time consuming it can be. 

I spent time working as a freelance model and brand promoter in Northern Ireland without the aid of an agent — instead, I promoted myself via my website and social media. I know firsthand that when you’re working long days almost every day (and I know you are!), there’s only so much time for fitting it all in.

This is where entrepreneurs decide to skip the expense and commitment of hiring a new employee, and outsource to someone with the specific skills they need. This frees up the headspace you need to enjoy the reason you started all this in the first place — such as dedicating the time your creative process deserves, or having freedom to spend time with your closest people.


Will it cost me?


Just as you deserve to be fairly paid for your product or service, so does your SMA! Depending on your business, on average it takes me approximately 10 hours per week to maintain your social media presence to a point where you don’t even have to think about it. Think about what you can get done in 10 hours in your business every single week.

Be it creative work that will contribute significantly towards your profit, or spending time with family which, of course, is invaluable — the cost of outsourcing a necessary function suddenly seems like a much smaller expense, right? 

The very fact that you’re here (and please know, I’m delighted!) tells me that you’re already serious about saving time and increasing your productivity. If that means hiring a new employee, you’ll also need to factor in the time and cost of the hiring process, complying with tax regulations, providing benefits, and possibly committing to a contract.

Or you could let your freelance Social Media Assistant worry about that.


Why does it take up so much time?


Unless you’re passionate about mastering social media (totally just stopped typing to raise my hand!), it’s confusing as all heck. 

Certain platforms are better suited to certain businesses and audiences. Each platform has a different algorithm that affects how many people actually see your content, not to mention they’re all saturated with other businesses vying for your audience’s attention, making it difficult to be seen unless you know how to maximize your presence there.

There is an overwhelming amount of automated tools out there, each claiming to make your life easier, but each also coming with it’s own limitations. Trends are constantly changing, world events are shocking us daily, and your social media posts need to be sensitive to this.

Above all, you know that growth comes from expanding your authentic audience, and an authentic audience comes from genuine, responsive engagement.


Isn’t it impersonal?


Quite the opposite! Finding the right Social Media Assistant will ensure personal engagement that your audience can resonate with. The right person will be someone that listens to you while you communicate your brand’s message and values, and who carries that over to their interaction with your people to make them feel heard.

In the noisy world of social media, there’s beautiful content aplenty. BUT, engaging with a brand and receiving timely, consistent, genuine responses are actually quite rare, and therefore inspires loyalty.

These are some of the questions I get asked most, however if there’s something else you’d like to ask, don't hesitate to reach out. I’d love to hear from you!

Have you ever engaged with a brand on social media and been pleasantly surprised with the response? Comment below and tell me about it!