Services Overview


maintaining your accounts

Identifying which social media platforms are most relevant to your business and regularly maintaining all of your existing accounts.  I have experience with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Managing and Streamlining Your Social Media Presence and Content

Drafting and scheduling posts on all your social media platforms. Coordinating all posts so that everything feels consistent, clean, and streamlined. Finding quotes, links, and images that you can share, to keep things vibrant and active across all platforms.  Providing a weekly planner detailing pre-determined times for all of your social media posts, to ensure that you stay on your preferred schedule. Coordinating with you to incorporate all specific content that you would like included in your social media blasts, so that your presence always feels authentic and personal to you and your audience.


managing video content

Uploading content to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and/or your website, as well as creating custom video thumbnails (with overlays and logos, if desired, for branding/visibility purposes) for all videos, including previously posted videos. Entering and updating custom video titles, descriptions, tags, annotations, info cards, and top comments. Creating and maintaining YouTube playlists.


$1000 / £750 per month based on approximately 10 hours per week.


Other services available include transcription, proofreading & copy editing, writing blog posts, product photography and online research.